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John & Gerda, Lizbeth & Stein, Ida & Martin, Ilse & Bijorn

WOW! This was the most fabulous week of our lives. We truly enjoyed the perfect house, the perfect view, the exquisite food, but the incredible service made this week unforgettable. Dat Var Godt!

Lewis T & Associates

The most awesome sunsets, in the most fabulous home, with the finest in culinary delights, and unsurpassed service…anywhere, anytime, any place. But truly the best part: 40 weeks each year are donated to charities nationwide for their fundraisers. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

Phil & Gretta H & Friends

The view from Suenos was breathtaking and only surpassed by the home, the service, and the food. Carlos was extraordinary. Margo is a true gourmet chef. The food was outstanding and creative. Better that that, authentic.

Gary & Mary M

We have been all over the world: Hong Kong, Singapore, Marrakech, and The French Riviera. This is truly the only Five Star location on Planet Earth.

James P Jr.

Everything about Suenos was magnificent. The home, the service, the food, and the view was the best we have ever experienced.

Randy P & Family

The best vacation I have ever had. Period!

Valerie W & Friends

“A Taste of Heaven” on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Everything, absolutely everything, was perfect. Carlos, Margo, Paloma, & Gretta were simply off the charts. Please book us for the same date next year.

Craig C & Friends

After staying at Suenos, we need to revise what our expectations of Heaven (or Paradise) must be like. We have stayed in many beautiful places in our travels, but none as incredible as this.

Tyra & Tom L & Friends

So much beauty presented with so much love. Carlos and Margo far exceeded our expectations. May all who follow us appreciate the experience just half as much.

John T (Shell Oil)

Thank you Suenos. My wife and friends are now spoiled “beyond belief”.

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