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Joan & jack P & Friends

An ice cold face towel scented with Anacin and a Margarita upon our arrival. Paradise at last...

Gerg & Dierdre & Friends

It was fabulous to return to Suenos once again for our third visit. We look forward to our next trip.

John & Phyllis J & Friends

Words simply cannot describe the way we feel about our vacation at Suenos. The food, the hospitality, and the home have been outstanding. We sincerely thank you.

Sam & Terry & Friends

The food: Delectable. The suites: Awesome. The service: Second-to-none.

Donna H & Friends

I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed your hospitality and your generosity. We totally enjoyed your staff that made our visit a very special occasion.

Stan & Cheryl D & Friends

Suenos met more than our highest expectations. This was the best vacation we have ever had. It spoils anything else that may follow. Carlos and Margo made us feel at home, especially our picnic on the beach. We can’t wait to come back.

David H & Friends

SUENOS was fantastic!! Carlos and the staff did a great job and the weather was perfect. The individuals in our group all had a lot of fun and many cocktails. I have absolutely no complaints except for losing every single game of poker we played. I look forward to planning another trip back to Casa Suenos in the future.

Kathy, Marilyn, Harriet, Estelle, & Dick

Loved our stay! Everything about Suenos was the best. We will be back again next year. Highly recommended as a 5 Star vacation home.

Michael Andretti & Friends (Andretti Motorsports)

Simply Awesome: Home, Golf, Fishing, Lunch at the Beach, the View, Our Suite, the Food….and especially the Service.

Katheryn B & Friends

We have never been so pampered: sunset massages, early morning facials, pedicures and manicures….with one free hand to hold our margaritas. Suenos is truly “The New Paradise”.

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