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There are multiple locations to Jet Ski at Suenos in Manzanillo. All the locations are gorgeous. Rental is done on an hourly basis and usually does not need to be arranged before hand, making it a fantastic 'last-minute' adventure. Jet skiing in the ocean is more adrenalin-filled than on lakes or rivers based on waves and ocean currents! Jet skis may be rented for a single person, or for a couple. Suenos staff will be more than happy to help you arrange this open-sea adventure!

Jet Ski rental varies in cost based on how long you'd like to be on the ocean and the number of people in your party. Negotiating with the rental agent is also highly suggested!


Banana boat rides are also available, generally at the same places Jet Skis are offered. These rides typically hold more people and are less strenuous and cost less.


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